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About GECA

Basically, we believe that all the by-products generated by human consumption have value for another. We believe in thinking differently about these by-products.

We must look at these by-products in every possible way to find the best innovative and sustainable uses. We challenge ourselves to develop solutions for those so-called 'non-recyclable' or ‘non-cost-effective’.

Pyrolysis happens to make great use of these hard to reuse by-products. We support companies and municipalities in the reflection and implementation of their pyrolysis project and help define the uses and markets for these pyrolytic products (biochar, bio-oil, heat, gas, wood vinegar and others).

All of these products can be sold on the energy market. Besides, biochar, also called char or coal, is the solid product of pyrolysis and contains a lot of carbon. It can replace fossil coal, peat, activated charcoal in all kinds of applications and can also be processed or used as it in various markets. The bio-oil contains a variety of products that can be extracted, including wood vinegar (acetic acid) having more than 20 uses.

GECA was created in 2015 after 25 years of R&D in environment and wastes, 10 of which were on biochar and pyrolysis.